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Have amazing ideas? Looking for the fund to make your dreams come true? Check out the 2019 Eureka IIEC. Whether you just curious, you are an investor or you looking for fund of your start-ups, you do not want to miss out this:

Have amazing ideas? Looking for the fund to make your dreams come true? Check out the 2019 Eureka IIEC. Whether you just curious, you are an investor or you looking for fund of your start-ups, you do not want to miss out our 2019 (the Second) Eureka International Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition:

What is it?

Competition opens to innovators and Startup businesses from these industry sectors:

Healthcare and Biotechnology
Advanced Manufacturing
New materials, clean energy, Additive manufacturing
IT & Digital Tech
Food & Agriculture
Submit a short business plan and pitch to a large audience and judging panel.
Why enter?

Because it is China!

Australia’s biggest market, 2-way trading partner and source of international students and tourists.
It is the fastest growing market in the world in almost every industry sector.
Chinese consumers and investors regard Australian products and services very highly.

Win a guided trip to China, cash prizes and build the reputation of your startup.
Check out the amazing China market meet consumers and investors, test your business ideas and model in the market.

When and where?
Pitch in Melbourne on the 23rd June 2019
Travel to Shandong and Zhejiang Provinces in China in late July 2019

Join in our competition as an audience, win return tickets to China! (Student ticket is only $2)


Click: https://www.eurekatechin.com.au/copy-of-competition?lang=en check out updated information of the competition.

Eureka International Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition (Eureka IIEC) is a major innovation event produced in collaboration with the leading innovation organizations and service providers crossing Australia and China. In May of 2018, the first Eureka IIEC was successfully held in Melbourne Convention Centre. More than three hundred people participated and benefited from the event, including entrepreneurs, scientists, innovators, investors and policymakers. This year, we have improved the program design and expect a great deal of interest. This valuable and exciting event will not only help to boost the ongoing economic activity and start-up ecosystem diversity but will also grow the research, knowledge and innovation exchange and outcomes between Australia and China.

Eureka IIEC competition is followed by the “Eureka Innovation & Entrepreneurship Mission to China”. This 10-day program is an educational and commercialization program designed for Australian startups looking for a market, investment and collaboration opportunities in China. Provinces of Shandong and Zhejiang will be visited in this year’ program. All shortlisted finalists of Eureka IIEC will be invited to participate in this program with the support of travel grant covering the expense of flights, accommodation, and meals.

Eureka IIEC is also the Australian Division of 2019 China-Jinan International High-level Talents Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. All shortlisted finalists of Eureka IIEC will directly enter the final of 2019 China-Jinan International High-level Talents Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition to win cash and a trophy. Finalists will also have access to the Jinan Spring City’s “5150” Program receiving 5 Million RMB (around 1 Million AUD) funding should they choose to open and company or office in the region (note: conditions apply).




1. EyeCura: 将旧的移动设备改装成安全摄像头的技术(Ayman Ibaida 博士及其EyeCura团队)​

2. 向世界级大师学习:全球化音乐在线网络教学平台(David De Campo先生及其 AEYONS 团队)​

3. 用于卵巢癌早期诊断及免疫治疗的新型生物标记物的研发及应用技术(Sue Xiang博士及其团队)​

4. Pegasus Flying Car: 可飞行汽车的技术研发与应用(Michael Yang 先生及其 Pegasus 团队)​

5. 基于混合现实的肿瘤一体化微创手术方案定制(邰永航博士及其团队)​

6. 基于人工智能深度学习、图像处理算法的心脏疾病实时监测和早期干预(邱磊博士及其团队)​

7. 应用于老年人护理的影像采集网络及智能机器人协同设计(Paul Ryan 先生及其团队)​

8. 奥车宝汽车服务平台 APP(Jordan Ma先生及其团队)​

9. 鐶亚集团投资平台(李晨先生及其团队)


本次大赛面向海内外征集创新创业项目,参赛者不限国籍。大赛奖项包括一等奖一名:“优瑞卡创新创业特别优胜奖” (2万澳元),二等奖五名:“优瑞卡创新创业加速奖”(2千澳元)。 同时,本次大赛后续设有“创新创业中国行”活动,将在所有报名项目中遴选出30个团队前往中国进行为期约十天的实地考察对接活动,地点包括中国山东省济南市及浙江省长三角等地区,受邀者将获得本次活动所需机票、其他交通及食宿的所有资助。



每位现场观众都有机会参与现场抽奖活动,并有机会获得澳大利亚往返中国的免费往返机票!本次大赛门票收入所得将全部捐赠给非营利性组织 (the Brotherhood of St Laurence)。




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